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Grille Bar Profiles

Wood Grille Bars

M-Pine 5/8" x 7/16" Grille Bar
O-Pine 7/8" x 7/16" Grille Bar
N-Pine 7/8" x 9/16" Grille Bar
S3-Pine 7/8" x 9/16" Grille Bar
X1-Pine 7/8" x 15/32" Grille Bar

Wood Surround Bars

K-Pine Surround Bar
R-Pine Surround Bar

Vinyl Grille Bar

Grille Fasteners

Non Surround Push Pins

LCS-047 5/8" spoke style push pin


Fits 5/8″ Wide Bars

LCS-028C spoke style push pin


Fits 7/8″ Wide Bars

LCS-034 Anvil Style Push Pin


Fits Inverted T-Slot

Full Surround Push Pins

LCS-017 Full surround Push Pin

LCS-017 Pin

Length: 1-1/32″ – Diameter: 1/8″

LCS-016 Full Surround Grommet

LCS-016 Grommet

Length: 1/2″ – Diameter: 15-64″

Full Surround Concealed Clips

1203C Concealed Grille Clip


Length: 0.5″ – Height: 0.310″


Length: 0.5″ – Height: 0.263″

1211 Concealed Grille Clip No Barbs


Length: 0.5″ – Height: 0.310″

Dual Lock Adhesive

Low Profile Dual Lock Adhesive Back Fastener

Dual Lock Adhesive

Adhesive back – Attaches grilles directly to the glass