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Grille Types

Wood Colonial Style

6 Light Pine Non Surround Grille

Non Surround

Full Surround Colonial Grille

Full Surround

Wood Diamond Style

12D Non Surround Diamond Window Grille

Non Surround

12D Full Surround Diamond Pattern Grille

Full Surround

Top Row Style

Top Row Series 1 Four Wide

Series 1

Vertical & Horizontal bars: 5/8″ wide

Series 2

Vertical Bars: 5/8″ – Horizontal Bar: 7/8″

Radius Top Window Style

KD-EZ Fit 3 Spoke Window Grille

KD-EZ Fit 3 Spoke

DIY Cut to Fit Windows up to 6 ft.

4W2H Half Round Window Grille

Made to Order

Custom Patterns & Sizes